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Offsite corporate executive and business retreats are proven to improve company morale, increase team continuity and improve production.  Add horses to the mix and you have a great opportunity for fun, excitement, authenticity and true learning.  This is not your typical ropes course retreat, this gets down to the nitty gritty of business:  communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and more.

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Soul Discovery Business/Team Retreats

You may ask, why horses?


Horses have an uncanny ability to know the client's truest feelings.  If you are not being authentic, the horse knows it.  The horse may show signs such as stamping the foot, shaking the head or simply walking away.  


On the other hand, if you are being authentic, the horse connects with you unlike any other animal.  He takes on your emotions and he also shakes them off. In addition, horses mirror your energy levels-positive or negative. They will then respond to that.    


As part of my team, horses provide a perspective unlike none other.


With my background as a business coach, I have a toolbox filled with lots of activities to strengthen your team, develop a strong loyalty to your business, work with sales techniques and more.  



Horses are naturally prey and herd animals.  They work together with a powerful leader, always watching out for danger or for what is going to eat them.


Seems no different when talking about  business.


We can learn from horses how to communicate to the "herd" (your team) impending danger, how to be a strong and respected leader,  how to be authentic in your approach, problem solving skills and so much more.  


Equine Coach Teresa Wolf