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Offsite corporate executive and business retreats are proven to improve company morale, increase team continuity and improve production.  Add horses to the mix and you have a great opportunity for fun, excitement, authenticity and true learning.  This is not your typical ropes course retreat, this gets down to the nitty gritty of business:  communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and more.

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Introduction to Teresa

Teresa has been successful in coaching business’s to develop a plan which will provide them with more profits and lower expenses, all while developing an unstoppable team.  She is proficient at speaking engagements, teaching, leading group discussions, mentoring, training, facilitating mastermind groups and more.  Her previous experience in the medical field as a registered nurse and paramedic only add to her skills.  

Teresa's training as a Retreat Coach included a comprehensive learning experience with both distance learning and attending a hands-on  training in Colorado. This led to her inspired development of a very special brand of retreat offerings.

As a professional woman with a strong background in business, Teresa created her own coaching program using the tools and training she received to offer powerful retreats that inspires her many clients.

Reaching back a few years, Teresa worked as a critical care registered nurse in a Level 1 Trauma center and teaching hospital.  This role provided her with the skills to manage patient care, help teach nurses and medical students, and learn the value of prioritizing her time to get the necessary work done for each patient.  In addition, Teresa was volunteering at a local rescue squad as a paramedic.  This role taught her to think on her feet, learn algorithms for patient care in the field, work as a team with the rest of the squad and delegate in a smooth manner so as to get the patient the best possible care in the field.

Later on, Teresa joined her husband in his busy real estate team.  Together, they built a team of professionals who are consistently leaders in the local real estate market.  During this process, Teresa was invited to be a Real Estate Coach with Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI).  She worked with KWRI for several years coaching top agents throughout the country and Canada to be top contenders in their real estate market.  While coaching with KWRI, Teresa took many courses of training to provide her with more and more tools to be of better service to her clients.  Some of her training included Train the Trainer, DISC Personality Profile training, Susan Scott’s “Fierce Conversations” training, storyboarding, business planning, financials and profitability and more.    

In essence, all this experience and specialized training provides Teresa with a unique approach to working with business's.  

Teresa's History

Teresa has written a book,

"40 Days to an Unstoppable Team"  

which outlines things a manager can do to create team loyalty.  

If you would like to know more, contact her.  

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Teresa and her beautiful Arabian horse, Zak.