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Offsite corporate executive and business retreats are proven to improve company morale, increase team continuity and improve production.  Add horses to the mix and you have a great opportunity for fun, excitement, authenticity and true learning.  This is not your typical ropes course retreat, this gets down to the nitty gritty of business:  communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and more.

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Activity Options




I have over 50 games I can play with people and horses!  After carefully assessing the needs of your team, I will create a retreat that is specific to your business and what you are out to accomplish.  Some activities may be in the ring with a horse and others may be on horseback.  We can do DISC personality testing on each team member to learn more about how to communicate with each other in each other's "language."

Here is a partial list of things we can do with horses as well as other team activities that don't include the horse:

  • Take a medicine walk to immerse yourself in nature and meditate on your business.

  • A great communication game to teach about how clear communication needs to be using the horse as a prop.

  • A game including how to work together as a team to saddle a horse.

  • A powerful game to teach how to respect personal space.

  • A way to teach how not to use the word "I" when speaking to a prospect.

  • Creating a group vision board, depicting what your company stands for.  All done with a twist to make it a more fun and interesting process!


And many, many more.  


In all my horse retreats, I also provide a safety demonstration with a horse.  People who have never been around a horse can easily participate in my equine retreats.


  • Riding horses is optional and not necessary for a horse retreat.

  • Please notify me prior to the retreat if anyone in your group is over 200 pounds.